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Kids Fingerprinting

The Fraternal Order of Police, Tucson Lodge #1 has a long tradition of engaging our community through various programs designed to benefit children and families.

Lodge #1 has begun a new Kids Fingerprinting program that takes just a few minutes. The program gives parents critical identification information for their child all in one place. It has a picture of the child, all 10 finger prints and space to fill in other important information like emergency contacts, medical and dental information, allergies and tips for what to do if your child goes missing.

The process includes a taking a photograph of your child and electronically capturing* their fingerprints. We print out a document that you take home with you that day to fill out and keep handy should you ever need to report your child missing. We use a digital fingerprint scanner, so there is no messy ink . A person’s fingerprints do not change throughout their life, having a record of your child’s fingerprints is a priceless document in an emergency.

We will be posting future events that the Kids Fingerprint System will be set up during on our website under “Events” and on our Facebook Page. If you would like more information please send an email to:

Heather Mah at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*FOP Lodge #1 does not store the data or maintain a database of the information collected. 

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